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Service Comparison

Choose between three multi-state charitable registration service options with the Affinity Single Portal®. Compare what cost-effective service level works best for your nonprofit.

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Feature Independent Independent Plus Full Support 
Cost $25/state $25/state

- AND -

$1,400 for additional "Plus" features
Minimum fee of $3,900

Request a free estimate for nationwide fundraising registration
Filing minimums No state minimum No state minimum No state minimum
Complete access to the Affinity Single Portal®, the only online solution to multi-state registration

Detailed pop-up instructions

Extension links and reminders

Alerts to changes in state rules.

Only the most current state forms are used

One-click generation of all applications and annual reports

Affinity handles this for you!
Convenient state-specific templates where online filing is required

Automatic calculation of state fees

Automatic tracking of due dates and deadlines

Training webinars

Online video instructions

Current payees and addresses for state payments

Affinity handles this for you!
Digital state mailing labels for printing

Affinity handles this for you!
Application packet assembly directions

Affinity handles this for you!
On demand status reports

Reporting of all fundraising consultant contracts

Phone and email support  

Reviews of your account by Affinity before you file, assures against errors and mistakes  

Extensions filed automatically on your behalf by Affinity    

Personalized training    

District of Columbia registration (as required)*    

All registration applications generated and submitted on your behalf by Affinity*    

Application payments processed on your behalf by Affinity*    

Application status and updates provided by Affinity    

Certificates of Authority obtained on your behalf by Affinity*    

Registered Agents obtained on your behalf by Affinity*    

Certificate of Authority and Annual Reports filed on your behalf by Affinity*    

Any corrections and incomplete registrations followed up with states on your behalf by Affinity*    

Chapter registrations*    

Co-venture registrations for you for-profit partner*    

Expedited filing (optional)*    

* Additional fees may apply beyond service package

Independent Registration

The complete online registration solution, perfect for those looking to keep the process in-house.

Independent Plus

All the perks of Independent Registration, plus the assurance of Affinity’s review before submission.

Full Support

Affinity’s signature service for initial nationwide filings done right.