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The Affinity Single Portal® is a cloud-based application developed by Affinity Fundraising Registration. Single Portal enables organizations of all sizes and budgets to successfully and accurately register for state charitable solicitation. Affinity is a full support provider of state fundraising registration services. Our mission at Affinity is to partner with key staff to relieve the administrative burden of registration, enabling organizations of all sizes and types, in any country or state, to focus on fulfilling their core mission.

Affinity prioritizes personalized service for every level. It is our aim to bring customers the peace of mind that state fundraising registration is done right, to help bring you into full compliance with the law.

Affinity's standard is excellence in striving to make the registration process timely, accurate and as efficient as possible. Affinity utilizes a transparent process of accountability to assist clients in raising funds legally in any state and at the same time safeguard their information from any extraneous use or publication.

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