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The first and only complete online solution to accurate and timely fundraising registrations.

How it Works

39 states and the District of Columbia require nonprofits to register prior to soliciting donations from the residents of their state. In addition, each of those states require most nonprofits to file either an annual renewal or annual report, or both.

The Affinity Single Portal system is the first and only one-stop, online solution to multi-state charitable solicitation registration requirements.

It is so complete and easy to use that almost any nonprofit can rely on it for all their charitable solicitation filings. You save time and money!

Some law firms charge $50,000 for an initial registration filing, and even those law firms that specialize in charitable registrations charge $6,500 to $8,500 annually.

You get a cloud-based option with Single Portal's Independent Registration that costs as little as $25 per state.

What's the catch? You have options.

You have the option of selecting the level of support that best suits your needs.

Independent Registration (IR) is a do-it-yourself approach to state registrations. Enter your information on your Single Portal account and generate all of your application forms with the click of a button. Track state deadlines in your account and never pay a late fee. Monthly emails summarize all of the deadlines approaching in the next 90 days.

Independent Plus (I+) adds telephone support, email support to IR. In addition, the Affinity staff will file all required extensions on your behalf. And when your annual data entry is complete a staff member will review your account for any thing that might cause your application to be rejected by a state regulator.

With Full Support your applications are created and reviewed for you, online registrations are completed on your behalf, application packets are mailed for you and checks for state fees are written against your escrow account and mailed for you.

What happens if you are an IR client and the person with registration responsibility leaves your organization? Bump your support level up to Full Support for one filing cycle to assure continuity while a new person is hired. Then drop your support to I+ to train that new staff member. Once your renewals are running smoothly, reduce your support level to IR and go back to saving thousands of dollars each year.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Get a detailed estimate.
  2. Complete your purchase to set up and open your Single Portal account.
  3. Enter your information, especially data from your Form 990.
  4. Print your application forms.
  5. Generate checks for state fees using our easy, accurate fee guide.
  6. Assemble your state packets following a simple cover page.
  7. Mail your applications.
  8. Record registration dates and registration numbers.
  9. Return to step 3 and update your information for the next filing cycle!